thread: Round Ligament pain

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    May 2005

    Round Ligament pain

    Have any other mums suffered with round ligament pain during pregnancy?

    I had terrible pain from this with my last two pregnancies and I am afraid to have another baby because I dread the pain from my ligaments stretching. The pain was equal to transitional labour pains. It was just horrible. I had the pains day and night from 28 weeks in my second bub and from 22 weeks with my third. It would be so sad if this prevented me from having another bubby.

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    Apr 2003
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    Oh No! That sounds terrible you poor love!

    I have not suffered from round ligament pain, just symphis pubis dysfunction and sore hips and I thought that was bad! No where near as painful as what you have been through.

    Is there anything that your obstetrician can do for your pain? I know that mine has suggested injecting something vaginally 8-[ (I'm guessing some kind of steroid) to stop my pain, but I just wear a support belt and try not to do too much to aggravate it.

    I really hope that someone can help you.

    Best wishes

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    May 2005

    Yes, sore hips are the pits too. I had very sore hips and a kind of deep cramping within the joint. Also had shocking rib pain as Jack was a large bub and remained breech until late in pregnancy. I had migraine headaches with partial blindness and crippling sciatic nerve pain due to his size and position. I knwo this is sounded all very sad and sorry :-({|= but truthfully, despite the aches and pains, I was on an emotional high throughout my pregnancy, I just felt to lucky. More than I can ever say. My birth story gives you the reasons why which I posted on the main site titled: 'An Extraordinary Gift.'

    I didn't have an obstetrician as I went through the Canberra Midwifery Program so I had a midwife. Next time I will aim for a homebirth. The best thing for birthing with this kind of ligament pain is to be in water so a nice deep birth pool at home with a private midwife is my dream.

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    Feb 2005
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    i cant honestly say that i know what you are going through, but i hope you get through ok and have that emotional high again to help you!!

    Best Wishes,


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    May 2005

    thankyou, Linda