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    Tiger balm while pregnant ?
    I got some to use on Kimberley today but was also wondering if it is safe for me to use. I got the white ointment one.

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    Ok i won't use it on me but a little on my hands to use on Kimberley should be ok.
    Maybe the chemist should be more upto date on what pregnant women can use as i did ask when i brought it as i know it's good for headaches.

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    Michelle: I wouldnt use it either as its pretty potent stuff.

    I agree that chemists should be more in the know!

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    I wouldnt use it.

    All tigerbalm is pretty strong.

    I wouldnt even use it on my hands to put it on your DD. I use a tissue when putting Vicks on my kids. Maybe you could do that?

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    I think most chemists don't know what is safe to use while pg. I asked before i fell pg if i could take something called mintec for IBS and the chemist said yes but when i checked you can't take it.
    Maybe a m/w could write a book about what is and isn't safe to use while pg. I think that would be a best seller.

    Kristi I'll do the tissue idea next time DD asks to have some on. I don't think she will for a while as it was only because she hurt her leg outside while playing with the dogs.

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