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    Apologies if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find a recentish thread on it.

    Is there any way to get this to shift? I've spent hours and hours on my hands and knees but it's still troubling me. It started last Monday (18th) and was really, really bad on Tuesday, so much so that I was sent home from work, but after hours in the bath it settled back down again. At the weekend I managed to get it from being a sharp pain all down my lower back and left leg to being just a bruisey feeling in my lower back and backside, but this has started spreading down to my left knee. Whilst I can walk it's really painful to do so, and at least the sharp pain wasn't constant; this is!

    I can't even see how the baby can be lying on it as there's been so much movement in the last few days that surely the little beast would have rolled off it by now! I'm having physio in 8 days' time for this, just wondered if there was anything I could do until then. I wasn't going to make a fuss, as I know that when I go into labour I'll be wishing this pain was all I had, but labour doesn't last for over a week!


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    Owww Ryn, I wish I could help, I've only had one twinge of sciatica when I was leaning back & moving around and I thought I was being bitten by something nasty!

    Definitely hope that the physio can help with it! And complain away, it sounds super nasty, and if this is any consolation re: labour, my MIL reckons the sciatica was worse!
    Okay...this is shaping up to be a not so helpful post...
    Good luck with it all anyway, and here's hoping someone else is more useful!!

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    Ryn, I had such bad sciatica, that I have been literally unable to move. All i have been able to do is lower to the floor gently and just slowly (very slowly) try and move to ease it up to then crawl to a chair/bed

    This happened to me in front of my parents a couple of times and they freaked because I couldn;t move and my dad wanted to help me to a chair and I had to say to just leave me and I will get there in my own time.

    I suffer from sciatica and have done all of my life even when I am not pregnant, but when I am pregnant it is much much worse. I have found the only thing that helps me is to have a heat pack (even in summer! ) on my lower back and sit with my legs elevated while the heat takes effect.

    I am not sure if this will help, but Ihope it gets better for you.

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    I have bad sciatica too and there really is not much you can do for it except physio and possibly a hip/back brace.

    Mine is so bad i go to walk and my legs simply wont work and the pain is unbeleivable. Mine started early this time too, at about 15 wks.

    I havent found it to be the baby's position, its more if i have done too much that day or even if i just do nothing, it just picks when to hit me.

    Try a wheat pack or heat pack and a lay down when it gets really bad, this can ease it somewhat.

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    I have suffered from sciatica since I hurt my back about 15 years ago. It gets much worse in pregnancy, and I have had with this once since about 7 weeks.

    I have seen an osteopath, which was helpful. The only other thing that has helped me is yoga. If you sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you, and slightly apart, then slowly stretch forward. The sciatica can usually be relieved by stretching out the muscles in your hamstrings and butt. The other stretch is sitting on a chair, lift one leg onto another chair, then stretch forward.

    I hope you get some relief!


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    Thanks for the replies girls! I'll go with the yoga for the moment - I'll also dig out my hot water bottle when I can stand the time to go through the airing cupboard. I'm seeing the midwife this afternoon and the physios next Tuesday, I'm just ignoring it as best I can for now! Although my DH noticed last night that something was wrong... after a week of telling him I was in pain! Bless.

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