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Thread: is seafood ok during week 1?

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    Default is seafood ok during week 1?

    hi all..

    just wondering on the can and can't eat whilst pregnant..

    can u eat seafood during the week of ovulation.. i know .. very early question.. but just wondering cuz i ate HEAPS of seafood this week at least 3 days straight and was just wondering is this bad if i am pregnant??

    (not sure if this question belongs here or in the Conception thread)

    thank u

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    I think maybe if it were more occasions during pregnancy not so much a few days within one week

    ... If it makes you feel any better I didn't know I was pregnant (was early days) AND I was at a Wedding where I ate & drank "ALL" the wrong things & did so for a few days after. Only to find out about a week later I was pregnant at 39yrs of age.

    I went onto to have my 1st bub about 8mths later (she is a healthy & bright girl, now 22mths old & my pregnancy was fantastic)

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    The baby doesn't share your blood supply until about 2 weeks after conception. It takes them that time to make blood vessels and connect them to you. So any alcohol, drugs, food etc won't go directly to bub during this time.



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    I too didn't know I was pregant until around the 4-5 week mark and had been eating seafood and drinking wine... of course as soon as I found out I had read that seafood ifs not a good idea to consume while pregnant I stopped. I really don't think it is anything to be too concerned about this early

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