thread: Sharp pains around cervix

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    Mumof42B Guest

    Sharp pains around cervix

    Hi all,
    I'm wondering if anyone can help with a question I have. I am 9wks pg with my fourth child and today I have been getting (about 4 times) sharp internal pains that feel like they are around the cervix area. The pains make me stop and can't move again until it goes. Has anyone had this sort of pain or know what it is? Maybe it's a symptom you get with the more pg's you have. Any help would be appreciated.
    Cheers Karen xx

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    mizzsocial Guest

    I only have 1 child, but when i was pregnant with him, i always had some sort of pain in my stomach.. and the doctors just always said it was normal..

    If you get really concerned about it, go to your local GP and even get an u/s just to be sure that everything is ok..

    Im sure its all fine !

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    Mumof42B Guest

    Thank you Mizzsocial & Shannon for your replies. I'm still getting the pains now & again also can feel uterus tightening a lot like braxton hicks but on a smaller scale. Dr reacons this is OK as it's my fourth pg and everything already stretched and ready to go, also you feel things a lot earlier.
    Thank you once again and take care xx