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    Default shaved ham

    I have always thought any meat from the deli was unsafe to eat when pregnant. Am I right? I have some smoked shaved hame in the fridge that I am giving the children and wondered about myself.

    You would think I knew 4th time round

    Eta the heading should be shave ham!!??

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    i believe that it is one of the things that shouldn't be eaten due to the listeria risk

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    If you make a toasted sandwich & heat it up to *HOT* then it's fine, cold is when it's a risk.

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    hehe... Rose... I saw the heading and thought it was something to do with pubic hair being shaved when giving birth.

    I gave birth on Monday by c/s. I had got a brazillian wax and I left a small triangle at the top. Well, it wasn't small enough - because the docs shaved it off!!!!

    As for your actual question about ham...
    I'm not 100% sure. I think the dodgy thing is meats & salads that have been lying around in Deli fridges for extended periods of time.

    Personally - I ate loads of ham during my 2 pregnancies. I did get food poisoning during one pregnancy - but that was from a dodgy kebab at a shopping centre.

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