thread: Should I be doing anything?

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    Should I be doing anything?

    OK, I had my pg confirmed today by the GP, and have my next official visit booked with the OB for week 11. Should I be doing anything between now and then? Should I be booking into the hospital? We have health cover and will go private.

    Any advice is appreciated. I really have no clue about what goes on from here

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    Feb 2004

    Private hospitals do tend to fill up quicker, so probably a good idea to book that.

    Otherwise, just wait for the ob's appointment - I know it's hard waiting that first bit.

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    Have you got Folic Acid tablets?? Make sure you start taking them

    Otherwise, just try and be as healthy as possible, and wait until you see your OB..

    Congrats btw!! \/

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    Yep, think about which hospital you want and book into that.....often this will get done via your OB, but sometimes not.

    Folic acid is essential, so start taking that.

    Make sure you are following a rich wholesome healthy diet, and work out maybe what exercise you want to undertake through pregnancy?

    Best of all, enjoy being pregnant, take every opportunity to relax and enjoy your partner and this special time..........

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    i didnt really do anything, but im in a small town so there sint big waiting lists or anything. id say if unsure give your hospital a call,

    but otherwise, stay healthy!!



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    As the other girls have said book the hospital now, start taking some pg vitamins if you aren't already and try and relax and enjoy tis time.

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    Thanks for that guys. I'll ring the OB like you said and see what the go is with the hospital.

    I've already been taking vitamins etc since July last year due to TTC, and the various hiccups along the way.

    Thanks again!