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Thread: Should I be worried?

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    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and to the whole pregnancy thing. I am 18 weeks pregnant and in the past week or so I am pretty sure I have been feeling the baby moving, just faint fluttery feelings, mainly when I am sitting in an awkward position or leaning forward. Anyway I have not felt anything at all in the last 2 days and am a little bit worried. One of my friends says it's a bit early for me to be feeling movement, esp since this is my first, so it's probably my imagination. But I definitely think it's the baby. So should I make an appointment to see my dr since I have not felt anything the last 2 days (I thought the feelings should be getting stronger) or will he not take me seriously as I am only 18 weeks?

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    Hi Devil
    I wouldn't worry at this point. It is possible that it is your baby that you are feeling. A lot of people don't feel anything for a few more weeks yet so it could just be that baby is now in a different position that you can't feel. Hopefully someone else will pop on here and let you know more but I would not worry just yet.
    If you would like to ease your mind then perhaps just phone your dr to see what they say or even the local hospital or birth centre.
    Good luck and congrats on bubs.
    PS Have you joined a belly belly forum for your due date as yet? I'm due 28th Sept so am in that thread.

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    It isn't unusual to go for a few days and not notice bubs moving at this stage. Their movements are still quick and light and though you may not feel it, bubs will be moving around heaps. Do you know the position of your placenta as well? If it is at the front of your usterus (anterior) it can make it harder to feel movement until the baby is bigger and giving strong kicks.

    Like Renee, said, come and join us in the due in September groups - I am due on the 14th and Am 18 wks on Friday.

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    Hi Devil,

    Just to let you know that I was feeling movements at that stage, but they are pretty light (and sometimes you do think you're imagining them!). But there definitely are days that early on where you won't feel anything (remember bubs has heaps of room to move around in there and so might not give you any obvious kicks for some time).

    Also, when I was at my midwife appointment at 17 weeks and she was finding the heartbeat, bubs was apparently moving around a lot. The midwife kept saying - can you feel that- the baby has just moved over here.. then here.., etc. but at the time I couldn't feel anything, so the movements were probably still a bit light (even though I had felt some of the stronger movements previously).

    So, I wouldn't worry at all just yet!

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    The exact same thing happened to me last week! I had started to feel the baby move from approx 15 weeks and the movements were getting stronger each week. But last weekend I hadn’t felt the baby move and I started to get myself worried. I gave the hospital a call hoping for a little reassurance. I did sound worried and I mentioned to them about my nightmare I had that night so rather than let me worry they wanted me to come down. We heard bubs heart on the doppler straight away!
    They were fantastic, I wanted to cry because they made me feel so at ease. The midwife made me feel like I was helping her by being there and letting go of my worry.

    She mentioned that the uterus (I think she said uterus) could be moving and that’s possibly why I didn’t feel the baby. But as soon as I left the hospital the little bugger kicked me!!!!!!!

    So if you are worried please go and see your doctor.

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    I only started feeling movments at about 19 or 20 weeks.. and for the first couple of weeks I didnt feel movements every day. At my midwife appointments, she would listen to bub with her doppler and told me it sounded like she was moving around heaps, even though I couldnt feel it at the time.

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    I had an anterior placenta (so at the front) and felt nothing that I could identify as a baby movement before 23 weeks. All the movement was very cushioned.

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