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Thread: Should stretch marks hurt?

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    (I'm so sorry Jacqui that I didn't post earlier - I have been limiting my computer time, as doing something passive like sitting in front of the computer seems to make me more aware of my itchiness).

    Ngala - I had a little bit of itchiness earlier in the pregnancy, mostly on my belly, but I think that was mostly my skin stretching, and probably just that normal pregnancy itch that people talk about. PUPPP usually only starts late in the third trimester, although I have read stories online of women who develop it earlier, and my heart goes out to them.

    There are a couple of pictures of my stretch marks and the red welts I developed on my personal blog here, about halfway down the page: (excuse the daggy undies lol) but since I took those photos, the stretch marks have improved but the other welts have gotten worse and there's more of them.

    As it turns out, my blood tests were all fine (therefore not obstetric cholestasis thanks goodness), and the OB said it was definitely PUPPP that I had, and that giving birth was the only thing that would make it go away.

    After I posted my original post, the itchiness got worse and worse over about a week. I now have red welts and bumps over most of my body, but especially my arms and legs. There have been many nights where I have been crying in the bath at 3am, ready to ring the hospital and demand a c/section - the itching has driven me insane at times.

    When I saw my OB last Friday, he said that he would be willing to induce me this coming Friday (when I was 38wks) if I really wanted, but that it wouldn't be his preference, and that there would be distinct disadvantages to inducing a baby that wasn't ready (e.g. higher likelihood of forceps, epidural etc). He knows that I want a natural birth, so I appreciated the fact that he was honest and not quick to jump on the intervention-bandwagon.

    Having said that, it has gotten so bad that it has been a constant temptation to me to accept the induction, just to rid myself of the itching.

    I am controlling it through Phenergen (an anti-histamine), Betnovate (a topical corticosteroid cream), aqueous cream with menthol, cold pinetarsol baths, distraction (shopping, meeting up with friends, cleaning), relaxation and listening to my hypnobirthing CD, and dandelion root tea.

    I see my OB again tomorrow, and I think I have things under control enough to tell him that I'll wait until baby decides to come out of his/her own accord.

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    Oh my Cherie, that looks really nasty! Its good that you have gotten control over it tho.

    I think I will mention this to my doc the next visit, which is next week and we will see what he says. I occassionally get a rash type thing on the tops of my thighs that comes when it is fairly hot.

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    Cherie, you're a stronger woman than I, I'd be asking for an induction straight away! I can't imagine being so uncomfortable just from being pregnant, then being itchy and sore from the PUPPP aswell. I admire you for whichever decision you make

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