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    Hi girls.

    Just wondering if anyone else has this diagnosis and how your pregnancy management has changed, if at all.

    At our 19 week scan last week we found we had a two-vessel cord. Apparently the baby looked OK, but GP has left a message for me to call her to have a talk (presently doing shared-care with GP and local hospital). Will give her a call tomorrow.

    Only management suggested by hospital last week was to do a fetal growth scan at 32/40 to check that bub is growing OK.

    I'm going to ask my GP for another scan in 3 weeks to double-check anatomy, especially kidneys and heart.

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    As you know, i has this with Lily which they found at the 19 weeks scan. I then had to go to a specalist for another scan at 21 weeks to check the likely hood of downs which came back 1 in 3300 or something like that. The doctors never even suggested a growth scan and she came out a healthy 9lb 7oz. So I wouldn't be too worried. Apparently it's rare that something bad will go wrong.

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    Hi guys -

    Rang the GP - she's pretty clueless - and I suspect the report mentions that I'm at high risk of having a Trisomy 18 baby even though the baby scan is normal. So no points on brilliance for GP or reporting radiologist. I'll stick with the research I've done so far, and get another detailed scan at 23 weeks, and then the growth scan at 30 weeks and thereafter.

    The GP went on (on the phone) about seeing one of her colleagues for Genetic Counselling. What's the point? What will be will be. I guess everyone wants to know different things at different times. I'll take baby as he/she comes, regardless of poorly informed advice of health professionals that are insensitive to religious and personal beliefs of mere mothers. I'm clinging to the stats that 85% of babies with a single umbilical artery do JUST FINE. :smt023

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    Clare, I had this for Lola and for both the twins. With Lola it was associated with slightly enlarged kidneys, so she had some tests after birth looking for bladder reflux, and there was none. She was and is absolutely fine. The twins kidneys were fine, and they are totally healthy too.

    They will tell you there can be some association with some conditions, but in all likelihood it will mean nothing! I wouldn't worry at all.

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    Thanks Yvette and Fletch. Great advice. Just need to screw my GP's head on a bit tighter!

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    Saw my GP today - she's a little more rationale and caring face to face, thank God! I've booked my 23 week 'extra' scan for 30 March - can't wait for that. It's a private scan - so hopefully their machines are 'top notch', and maybe they'll do some 4D scans - that would blow my mind!

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    Just waiting for that scan .... 7 days to go (wish it was today! Bub is still kicking away like a trooper).

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    Hi girls. Good news here - the scan went VERY WELL. We still have the 2-vessel cord, but otherwise bub is beautiful, active and growing and developing right on track. AND they did a brief 4D visual at the end and we got some nice pics - I'll update his website later (if I can get the scanner working). So relief is felt here I'll tell you.

    Off for an early night - exhausted, and work tomorrow! Have a great weekend everyone!


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    Oh wow, how awsome. Bubs got the same cute wittle nose as his/her brother. I love those pic's they are so clear.

    Glad to hear everything looks A-OK now at least you can relax and know things are on track. That wait must have been so hard but now so very worth it.

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    We had our 30 week check today - bub is smack on the 50th percentile, looking well, head down. Back for another growth scan in 5 weeks. Expecting to have an average pregnancy/delivery at this stage.

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    Yeah - just read all this - thats good news.

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    Just another update - 35 week scan last week put bub at 60th percentile and cord flow good - so all is good here. Not long now

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    That's great Clare! Go bub!!

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    Just wanted to say all the best with this - I had a 2 vessel cord and I turned out just fine

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    Thanks Sal and Flea.

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    jason is here + all is OK!!!

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