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Thread: The small things in Life!

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    I love children for their sheer innocence and love for all the little things in Life. Recently, my little baby boy taught me one of the forgotten lessons in Life. I was so consumed by my daily work that I took my life for granted. It felt like I have become a robot. The other day my kid played with one of his small toys and didn't let go of it even while he was asleep. Watching him sleep with the little toy made me realize how beautiful life is even without the big things in life. I feel great now and just wanted to share this with all you moms.

    Take care

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    That's sweet! Sometimes it's easy to get sidetracked by everything else - children are great at reminding us to sieze the moment

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    aawwwww... thats gorgous
    I know what you mean.... I will be rushing about getting stuff done and will go in the bedroom for washing or somethig while Jacob is asleep.... next thing you know 20 minutes has passed as I have been watching my little precious munchkin sleep

    Life is beautiful.. we cant let it slip past us with out realising..


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