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    Default Smorgasboard food..

    Would you eat from a smorgasboard at a restaurant while pregnant, or have you? We have to go out for lunch today for a spec occasion, and the food is smorgasboard only
    All I can think of is food poisoning!

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    Hi Ally, Usually at a smorgasbord they have a selection of hot dishes which have been kept warm with those gas burner thingies, if you get there earlyish you shouldn't have any problems with that. It's the cold preprepared foods you've got to watch out for (listeria). Hope you have a nice time!

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    Hi Ally,
    I went away last weekend and has a smorgasboard lunch twice. At the time I thought I shouldn't be eating it but I'm not worried now because I only ate things that were hot and stayed clear of anything with seafood and chicken. I also looked for things that they had just brought out hot. Have a good time.

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    I have been out to a smorgasboard dinner a few times - I just stay away from chicken, cold meats and cheese platters. I do have salads if they have a high turnover - so are replaced regularly and haven't been sitting there for ages.

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    I'd say not. But thats just me. Marc calls them listeriaboards LOL

    I mean sure if you have your own food themometer in your pocket and plan on testing each food LOL go for it. Oh but you have to be sure there's been no cross contamination too

    Some places though (I have heard) don't mind if you request the latest hot batch. So by that they serve you a small portion of fresh hot food before they put it out for everyone else. So you are in fact getting a piping hot meal (similar to ala carte).


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