thread: Snot like Discharge - is this normal?

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    Apr 2007

    Snot like Discharge - is this normal?

    Hi, I am 10 weeks and today and yesterday I had a small amount of discharge that looked exactly like snot and was a yellow greenish colour. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Jan 2008

    yep its fine and normal but if it smells or is itchy you should see a dr. thats what i was always told.

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    Feb 2010

    Hey, im 12wks 6 days & i have had this ever since i found out i was pregnant & got told it sounds like thrush unless yeah it has a foul odour

    Goodluck go to the chemist & get some canasten

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    Aug 2006
    Terrace BC, Canada

    I've had lots of it this pregnancy (and I'm almost done) I was reassured it is fine.