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Thread: Snuggle Bed??

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    Default Snuggle Bed??

    When DD was born she went straight into her cot, in a snuggle bed. It is like a TETRA mini mattress with padded sides.

    Anyway I was planning on doing the same thing for this baby, but am thinking that I read somewhere that these are no longer recommended?

    Is this true or am I dreaming it up with my pregnancy brain?

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    Oh i hope not. I currently have my newborn son in the one i also used for my first child. I have not heard anything about not using them, so hopefully for all of those using them or intending on doing so it is just pg brain playing a terible trick on you! Anyways i am still seeing them for sale in various stores, so if for any reason they had been recalled or stopped being made for any reason they would not be seeling them-you would think.

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    They definitely wouldn't be sold if they weren't safe. I use one for DD now and love it. I got it at babies galore. They wouldn't let me buy a sheepskin for her cot becuase of sids, so Im sure they wouldn't have sold me the snugglebed if it was a risk!

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    Phew thank goodness! I must have imagined it with this delirious pregnancy brain! I loved using it with my DD!

    Thanks ladies

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