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Thread: Social 4D ultrasound

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    Default Social 4D ultrasound

    Just wondering if anyone has had one of these. I've been considering it as I feel like I missed out by not having any 4D done at my 20 weeks scan.
    I'm just feeling a little sheepish though it's a cost that's not nescessary as it's totally for show.
    Has anyone out there had one done for non-diagnostic purposes?

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    kirsty Guest


    Sammi if it is something that you really want done then go ahead & do it. After all there's no point looking back in a couple of years & saying I wish I had of had it done ~ especially if this bubs may be your last one.

    I think if it were me I'd be getting it done ~ after all they make great brag photo's.

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    I booked mine as soon as I found out I was pregnant 8-[ costing me $150 but that includes a 15 min DVD and a pile of photos.

    I am having it when I am 26wks I think. First Saturday in August anyway LOL


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    Come watch my 4D vid Sam. We had it at both our 19w &32w scans and it was crap. Kahlani was just in a bad position. You really need fluid around the head to make out distinguishing features and unfortunately for us there wasn't enough in the right spots either time.

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    I had one with my last pregnancy at 23wks, could have been later but I couldn't hold off, hehe. It cost $140 and we got back $80 from medicare. With that we got 1/2hr video and 42 pictures on a CD-R.
    They are pretty awsome, my Mil looked really uninterested and actually walked out of the room watching our 19wk scan.
    So we had the scan around her birthday a week after I think and took her with us. She even commented that bubs had his daddy's nose, lmao.
    I would get one done, it's a great memory to keep.

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