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    Question some advice/help

    Hi Everyone!

    I am seeking some information or opinions about my birthing experiences and medical advice I was given.

    I have 3 little ones, and each one was delivered via c/s.

    With my 1st - I laboured for 26.5 hrs (@ 42wks - induced labour) - and had dilated 2.5cm only (cervix swollen and hardened). Baby never 'engaged' - and infact never came down at all! This delivery was put down to failed induction.

    With babe 2 - I found a dr that would allow me to call-the-shots, as I wanted to give VBAC a go. But, this babe - a much smaller babe - did something very curious. She kept turning! She would go from a transverse lie, to head down.........over and over again! It became really painful. At 34wks, she became stuck in a diagonal lie (with her head resting on my left hip. Unfortunately, (perhaps as a result of the pressure), I fractured my pelvis. Dr told me it was very dangerous if I should go into labour with her in this position - and c/s was performed.

    After delivery - dr told me that my "Pelvic Inlet" was too small, and babe was never going to come out naturally. He said that this was the reason for the failed labour with babe 1 - as he was a big babe - never able to get his head in. Babe 2 found the "Inlet" too small too - so that was why she kept turning (until she got stuck).

    Does anyone have information about this "Pelvic Inlet" business. I have large hips (an attribute that I have my mother to thank for) - so I am really puzzled about how the Pelvic Inlet could be small. I have been subsequently told by a OB/GYN that my very small hands and feet are an indicator of Cephalo-Pelvic Disproportion.

    I am totally ok with the safe delivery of my 3 wonderful babies, but I am just curious if anyone has a better understanding of this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey I think I had the same problem with CPD with my first birth I am just not sure yet but from what I have been reading about it I would say so.

    I found this link for you.


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