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Thread: Sore Gums and teeth!

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    Default Sore Gums and teeth!

    I have been suffering from sore gums today and a couple of days ago I had sore teeth.
    Is it too early for this to happen? I'm only 5 weeks 5 days.

    What are your expieriences?


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    Hi Tanya,

    Sore gums can be pretty normal in pregnancy, but if they are really red, sore or bleed easily when you brush, it might be worth getting to a dentist for them to have a quick look, just to rule out gingivitis. They may recommend you have a scale and clean if you haven't had one in a while - that can help.

    Just make sure you let them know your pregnant so they don't take any x-rays.

    I generally have pretty sensitive teeth and have found that Sensodyne toothpaste works really well - my teeth have hardly been sore this pregnancy (except just talking about it makes them ache :shock: )

    Hope that helps a little


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