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    catherine Guest

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    I know it's incredibly vain, but I just think that my expanding bulk might look better with a bit of colour - being of Irish origin means that I am usually a nice pale blue colour, which shows up all my lumps and bumps beautifully. Is it safe to have a spray tan or are there yucky chemicals in there that I should be avoiding?

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    Jodie259 Guest


    I own a beauty salon and we do spray tan.
    I don't know 100% if it is 'safe' or not for a pregnant woman... but I wouldn't tan a pregnant woman, and I didn't do it myself whilst I was pregnant.
    As you say.. all fake tans are full of chemicals - and they do penetrate into the skin because they can't be washed off.
    Solariums are definately not an option because of the intense UV exposure.

    So I think you should stay pale and don't stress too much about it. You will look beautiful as a pregnant woman - and nobody notices your skin colour. In fact, you might get a few 'raised eyebrows' if you were brown all over.

    The only thing I could suggest is a bit of bronzing powder on the face (and I think you can buy some for the body too). When your baby is born it will be summer and you can load up on the fake tan then!

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    skyelar Guest


    I have been sprayed numerous times during both of my pregnancies!
    I dod avoid it during the first trimester but from then on I have been sprayed with no probs at all!!
    Love that nice brown bump
    (ROFL that is why my belly pics in my website are all different colours!)

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    i read an article in a baby mag the other night about spray tan (i wanted to get it done before i head to surfers next month) & it advised against it as it was unknown what the chemicals can do - so i guess ill just be the pregnant ghost on the beach!

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    I used Garnier's bronze one a few times - I rang the number on the packet first to check it out though - they said it was ok to use when pregnant.

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    Maybe it was just the place I went to but I went in for a spray tan once and I HATED it. I didn't looked tanned, I just looked dirty. The spray stuff collected in skin creases when I moved and especially in my cleavage, so I looked really streaky & blotchy. My boobs were pale, my chest was really dark, my belly looked streaked, and my faced just looked old. It looked just horrible! They offered to even it out for me but I didnt want it to get worse so I just used a body scrub every day hoping it would wear off quickly.

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