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    I Think i must have caught a stomach bug , I have had bad diarhea and stomach cramps since Monday morning, although its easing off a bit now the cramps and nausea are still there, I also have a temp of 38. I havent managed to eat anything since Sunday night. Will this have caused any harm to the Bub.


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    Hi Jules,

    Sorry I can't really give you that much info but I hope you start to feel better. Try to keep your fluids up so you don't get dehydrated. Also I have heard that when you get a temperature it is best to take panadol (only panadol and only 2 per day). Apparently it is better for your baby to take the panadol than it is to have a temperature. Also I think it would probably be best to call your gp or your hospital if you are already booked in. I have heard sometimes its necessary to go on a drip when you have diahorrea and are pg due to dehydration.

    I'm sure your baby is fine but I would get some medical advice just to know for sure and also to be reassured.

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    Going without food for a short time will not cause any harm to your baby. It is important that you make sure that you are getting enough water. If drinking a full glass makes you sick (it often does) then you need to take small amounts often

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    I don't think its would cause any ill affects on bubs, so long as you keep up some fluids. Especially since you said it is easing up a lil now. I was hospitalised several times with many of my pregnancy for deydration, so just dont let it get to that point. You'll know by a very dry mouth and cracked lips and feeling of extreme weakness. So long as you can drink fluid you should be pretty much right sweetie.

    BUT I am not in the medical firm so if you feel you need medical advice, just give a midwife a quick call!

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    Melinda Guest


    I had gastro whilst I was PG with Ruby and she was fine.

    Like Alan said, going without food for a short period of time is fine, just ensure that you are able to keep you fluids up.

    Taking panadol during your PG is fine.

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