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Thread: Story/Question.. sorry if its long

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    Question Story/Question.. sorry if its long

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum. Don't know my way around here yet.

    Oh, and I type like I think, so it may jump around a bit.

    Anyways just recently, around the middle of June, my fairly new boyfriend came to stay with myself and my family for a few days. Now, in order for him to stay at my house, I had to of course persuade my mother that nothing would happen (she's one of those mothers that thinks it's best to wait till marriage). But like in any other teenage relationship something did, and we weren't protected. We did the "pull-out" method, but theres always a good chance something will happen. Anyways, days before my boyfriend came down, I had the feeling that I would be starting my period soon. I usually get stomach aches or cramps, and my breasts will start to get a bit tender. Well, the day after we had our first intercourse I started to bleed, so I figured I got my period. Well, it only lasted a few days and was a very light flow the whole time (although my periods don't last for too long, it usually starts off more heavy and becomes lighter), so that alone scared me a little. Now, theres no way for me to get to a store and get some pregnancy tests without someone in my family finding out, particularly my mother, and I'm not yet ready to tell her I disobeyed her and had sex. So I've been looking online at some signs of pregnancy and for the most part I don't have any but I'm still worried. I know not all women get them, and I'm not sure how soon these signs even start. So, I've been waiting very patiently for my period to come around. In the past couple of days I got the feeling that my period was coming on again, and today I believe it started. Is it possible that I'm pregnant? Even though I believe I've started my period, I've read that even women who are pregnant will bleed like they have their periods. Is this something that happens later in the pregnancy, or what?

    Anyways, any information you can give me would be wonderful. I'm sure I wasn't too clear about some things in my story, so if you need to ask some questions go right ahead. I'm just concerned I'll have to be upfront with my mother and tell her shes going to have another grandchild.

    Thanks ahead of time

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    Sorry to hear you are so confused.In my opinion you are probably not pregnant because of your period.Saying that though a small number of women do still get what they think is a period.
    Can you get to a doctor? Doctor's are not allowed to say anything to your family.Maybe you could make up a reason you need to go?pretend you think you have tonsillitis or something.
    Good luck Hun

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    Hi Alykins, I really wouldn't worry, it sounds like you had sex right before your period came on right? Well you ovulate around 14 days before your period starts, and that is the only time you can get pregnant (in a 5-7 day window at this time). So unless I misunderstood and it was longer than a few days before, then you would not have been fertile at this time.
    Hope that helps. :-)

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    IMO I think it is very unlikely you are pregnant. As suggested, it you are really unsure, see your GP but I doubt you will need to surprise your mum with any unexpected news.

    Maybe at least see your GP about the pill or something similar. Will save you the worry if something similar happens again!

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