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    I am abit stressed at the moment, combination i think of lack of sleep, hormones, and work.
    Last night i was near on hysterical, and have hardly slept all night. DH tells me i am being selfish to the baby, because i could hurt it by being so worked up.
    Is that possible? Is there any link to expectant mums, stress, and prob's with baby? It sorta worries me abit as well.

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    I think there was a thread on this a little while ago, and the general concensus was that long term ongoing stress isn't that good for the baby but getting upset about stuff for short periods isn't so much a problem. I'm sure we all have times like this when it gets on top of us - I know I did! I just used to have a good cry and let it all out and then I'd make sure I got some quiet, me-time to be able to relax. Hope you can get a break soon, and possibly some sleep; it all seems worse if you're exhausted!

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    mum2bee - thats no good that you are a bit stressed these days. I dont know much about the effects of stress on a baby but just jumping in to give you a huge and I hope that the stress soon eases up.

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