Hey everyone,

I was just trying to work out if i am a complete freak or not 8-[ - does anyone else have a ridiculous amount of stretch marks?? I have like 50 (no joke, i actually counted them today), all across the lower part of my stomach, from my belly button down (at least i can't see them unless i look in a mirror!)

Anyway, my mum is a midwife and wehn she went to feel my stomach she look horrified at the amount i have... Am i the only one out there like this??? I'm way to embarrassed to put up a pic cos everybody's websites has such nice belly photo's, and i have serious belly envy.... Lets just hope i don't frighten the nurses away when i do go into labour...

I'm assuming they will fade afterwards right... or will i always look horribly disfigured like i was in a horror movie for the rest of my life???

Does anyone else have this??? ... I've tried the stretch mark cream and vitamin C, but have now figured that nothing is going to help.... There is more red/pink or my stomach than skin colour.... I just want to know that at least i look the same as other people! [-o<