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    Red face stretch & sweep

    hey girls just wondering has anyone had a stretch and sweep and did it work if so how long til you went into labor my ob did it to me on friday it was painful and uncomftable i just wondering if anyone could help me on this issue

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    I had this done while I was in labour.
    I remember my mum tellin gme she had it done when she was preg with me & it felt like the Ob had shoved a brick up there & left it. LOL I was still overdue by a fair bit though....

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    I had it done too but made no difference to me. Sorry Although I know for some ladies this is all they have needed. Apparently though it does need to be done for some time though and if they get some blood then they have done a really good sweep. All they are doing is basically trying to get a finger inside the cervix and giving it a dial to try and stretch the cervix open and get some hormones kicked into gear. Nothing that you can't do yourself either, with lots of stretching and manouvering, although you have to be very careful not to introduce germs/infection.

    I hope that bub decides to make an appeareance for you very soon hun.

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    I had a stretch and sweep done with my 3rd pregnancy, I had some blood mucous discharge in the afternoon and that night around 11pm I started to have painful contractions, I went and had a bath and then went to bed, when I awoke in the morning I had to be at the hospital at 6am for an induction, the good news was I didnt need the progesterone gel as my cervix had already started dilating, so I just had my waters broken.
    You may experience some blood mucous discharge after the stretch and sweep, and you may experience some contractions, sometimes this is all women need to get their labour started, sometimes they have a bit more intervention
    Good Luck I hope it works for you

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    i had it done with my first bubs at my appt at 40wks - that was on a wednesday afternoon and at 3am on thursday morning my waters broke.

    dunno if it was the stretch and sweep that did it - although my ob did comment that i did it all on my own

    good luck

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