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Thread: Success stories - keeping weight down in PG?

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    Nicky, I wouldn't be so sure about that! (Notice how I have very carefully NOT disclosed height or weight...?)

    For me the key that unlocked my healthy eating plan was the concept of 'low GI'. For years I tumbled from one carb fix to another, always insatiably hungry. Apparently satiety mechanisms are really complex and they don't yet understand why an apple will fill one person up and leave the next hungry and hanging for more. ANYWAY, i have discovered that it's as much about what you DO include in your diet (generous portions of bulky veggies, legumes and grainy grains) that really help control hunger and cravings over time. Apparently having fibre in your bowel reduces the hunger mechanism (among other things).

    Ambah, a friend of mine who is a dietician told me that in subjects who have overconsumed carbs and had a really high blood sugar for a long time, even a small reduction in that carb intake can induce exactly the same symptoms as (true) low blood sugar. That sent a bolt of recognition through me, I can tell you! Maybe that's what happened in your last PG?

    Healthy snacks that I have found to be satisfying
    *tub of low fat yoghurt with a sprinkle of muesli
    *small tub of peaches in juice with some custard
    *a toasted english fruit muffin
    *grainy crispbreads (ie vitaweets) with homous or vegemite & salady bits on top
    *crunchola bars (but ONLY the crunchy ones)
    *sachet of instant porridge (with our without fruit)
    *veggie soup (this one's my favorite - can't wait for autumn to start properly)!
    *home made rice pudding (doongara rice and splenda)

    I also take fresh fruit, crackers, and little boxes of dried fruit (portion controlled) to work so I can snack surreptiously at my desk (no one knows I'm pregnant and i don't really want to be hanging out in the kitchen feeding my face all day long)!

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    Nice snack ideas Marydean! That's just got me thinking - i'll have to make a trip to the supermarket in the morning.

    I agree with you Nicky - I was right on 100kg when I got pregnant so i'm viewing this as a "time to get serious" as well. Hopefully we'll have bubs who like long walks in the pram!

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