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    I went to Melbourne on the weekend, (how god damn cold it was too) for my brothers Engagemen and my other brothers baby girls christening. Had no idea but my younger sister had planned a surprise Baby shower for me with all ym rellies as i come from melbourne originally.
    It was an awsome surprise, and i love my 15 yr old sister for such a great thought and she did such a great job too considering i wasnt going to have a baby shower, for the reason i dont have family up here. But it was an awsome morning.

    Has any body else had a surprise baby shower thrown for them

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    That's sooooooo sweet Lorin. How good is your sister. I'm glad you enjoyed it... what a great way to see all your rellies at once... (besides your brothers stuff)...

    Hope you got some nice pressies... oh and they all fit back on the plane!~!~!

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    Oh that's so great I wish someone would do that for me!

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    It was amazing. I think My sister will be a great Aunty towards our child she really is growing up. AND it was such a surprise she did a great job. I love her

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