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Thread: swollen ankles at 19 weeks

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    Default swollen ankles at 19 weeks

    I've noticed over the last 2 weeks, my ankles are swelling more and more...

    Last night, as I went to bed, they were so swollen...almost like tennis balls for ankles!!!

    My fingers are also swelling a bit...

    I know swelling is normal in pregnancy, but I thought it happened later, in 3rd trimester.

    Has anyone got any hints to alleviate the swelling?

    I try to put my feet up when I can...but don't get that much of a chance at work...

    I've started going to a reflexologist specialising in pregnancy, but not sure whether that's really going to be a huge help with swelling (it will no doubt help with other stuff though...especially relaxation)

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    swimming or aqua natal classes are great! Do you have a desk job? If so, put a box under your desk and have your feet up all day.

    Try and do some light excercises of your ankles, fingers and wrists to keep them moving and active.

    Hope it passes for you! Dont forget to keep up your fluids

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    it's yuck isn't it. I was really bad last night and could barely walk my feet were so puffed up. I saw my OB today and he said it't not unusual, I also thought it was a third trimester thing.

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    My ankles and fingers were swollen from fairly early on too - I think from about 10wks or so. But they've stayed roughly the same and haven't gotten any worse.

    The things that helped were lymphatic drainage massage, drinking HEAPS of water, swimming, and ... from a purely practical point of view ... putting my shoes on the minute I got out of bed. Otherwise, if I had breakfast/shower etc first, my ankles were too swollen to fit my shoes on.

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    Still Monnie, mention it to your Dr at your check up.

    I've got early stages of PE, and for weeks I just had the swelling and slightly high BP, but nothing alarming. So for me, the swelling on it's own was the first symptom I guess.

    It would be rare that it's anything to worry about at 19 weeks, but just keep an eye on it as your pregnancy goes on, and definately mention it to your care provider so they can just note it.

    Feet up as much as you can hun, and the massages that Caro mentioned are great, up your legs between you ankles and knees. I get DP to do this nightly and it really helps, I actually need to pee heaps afterward so it does seem to shift it.

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    Ive worn thongs since 14 weeks - my feet just wont go down. Make sure you get BP checked etc for PE at your check up and feet up higher than heart level works better than just up. Being submersed in water above chest level helps too - I love aqua aerobics. Good luck!

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    Try not to eat too much salty stuff and a low GI diet might help (I used to get terrible puffy feet when pre menstrual but haven't had any probs since I started eating a low GI diet). Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water too!

    Sounds like a good excuse to ask DH for a foot rub every night!!

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