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Thread: swollen & bleeding gums

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    DoubleK Guest

    Default swollen & bleeding gums

    Hi everyone!
    I've read that bleeding gums are another pregnancy symptom.. but what about gums being swollen? the bit between my front two teeth and bottom 4 teeth are swollen, its not sore, but when i brushed my teeth this morning (very gently!) there was blood everywhere and it hurt

    i also have a tooth that needs pulling out, but i figured because i cant have an xray i will wait untill after the baby is born, but i think i may need to go for a check up...

    what do u guys think??


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    Fruitwood Guest


    Hi, I have a tooth where the filling has fallen out and now a terrible toothache. I'm 37 weeks and have been advised that it's not safe for me to be on my back for so long to have the tooth refilled or pulled as it's right at the back. If it was earlier in the pregnancy though,they said it would be ok but now the risks out weigh the benefits being so close to the birth. I ended up being in so much pain with the toothache though that I couldn't sleep or be in an airconditioned room so I went to the chemist and asked them what was safe to use while pregnant and they gave me a bottle of Tootchache drops made by Nyal. It cost $9.95 but well worth it to get rid of the pain until I can go to the dentist, lol. You put a few drops on a cotton bud and hold it on the tooth for 1 minute until it is numb. If your having lots of dental problems go and have a chat with your dentist and see what they recommend though for $9.95 I definately recommend the Nyal Toothache Drops.

    Best of Luck

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    I had toothache a little while ago, and told the OB I went to see the dentist. He said he's happy for me to have an xray if the dentist needs to, because the xrays they use are pointed at the tooth only, and all the shielding they cover you with is plenty. I didn't end up needing the xray, but just thought I'd mention that my OB was ok with it.

    It's definitely worth at least getting a good clean by the dentist during pregnancy, as it's not just bleeding gums we get, but we're also prone to actual gum disease, so even a clean by the dentist might help your gums.

    Hope your gums feel better soon!

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    Melinda Guest


    Take a look at this article Rachy - [url=]Seeing the Denist in Pregnancy[/url].

    Bleeding gums is definitely very common during PG. The 'normal' levels of plaque that are usually tolerated by your teeth/gums are no longer tolerated well during PG, hence the swelling/redness/bleeding. This is why it's really important to get a check-up and clean whilst PG (I know I did last time around and I will this time too!)

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    Damo Guest


    I've had a BIG problem with bleeding (& slightly swollen) gums just recently.

    My gums would spontaneously bleed. So much so that I would have to hold my head over the basin (sorry TMI). I do have a blood disorder that makes me a lot more sensitive to bleeding.

    I have noticed a huge improvement since I started using mouthwash after each brush and I rinse my mouth with warm salty water after eating. It improved after a day.

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    I had this aswell. One spot on my gums was very swollen and as soon as i touched it bleed was pouring out. I went to the GP and got antibiotics in case it got infected and a special mouth wash, it cleared up after a few weeks.

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    jelliebean Guest


    i am having this too. My bit in the middle of my two front teeth is also swollen and bleeds heaps when i brush..... I just put it al down to pregnancy as this happened b4 with my last two. It cleared up after i had them

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