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Thread: Sympathy belly?

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    Smile Sympathy belly?

    Ok - DH has put on weight since we found out about Tickle Toes and he is blaming me. He says I am pheromoning him and making him develop a sympathy belly.

    He also says he gets nausea from me too!! Actually he was feeling sick before I knew I was UTD and was this way when I was UTD with DS too!!!

    So does your DH/DP develop a sympathy belly? or should mine pay more attention to the amount of Christmas chocolates he is eating and leave me out of the blame game?


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    LOL my XDH put on over 10kg when I was pregnant - I only put on 7, sucks to be him lol. He was tired and sick like I was some days too, I think it's great, gives them a bit of an idea about what we're going through!

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    wow ash i didnt know!

    My Dh put on about 15kg while i was pregnant too. We dont know whether it was in sympathy or because I made him quit smoking?

    Eta: we know a guy who had morning sickness for the whole 12 weeks and his partner had none. Every morning he had vomit before getting out ofbed. hilarious!

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    When I was pregnant with DS my grandmother made the rather unkind (although not untrue) comment that DH was looking more pregnant than me. Personally, I blame too much food and too little exercise, but maybe there's something in the 'sympathy symptom' theory too!

    I always tease DH that he has the pregnancy symptoms I'm supposed to have; flatulence in particular... But seriously, every pregnancy-related problem I have, he always seems to get too. If I say 'my back's really sore today' I get a detailed account of how his back has seized up. He's also had nausea, headaches and bad nights' sleep in tandem with me. Unfortunately I'm usually less than sympathetic... not that it stops him complaining!

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    My hubby has put on weight too,i told him if he keeps going we're not even going to b able to hug because both our bellies will b in the way
    He was complaining about his back the other day & i said maybe ur getting it from me

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    Hey Ticklish- been wondering where you got too... havent seen you in our belly buddies for ages....

    My DP is lucky- no symptoms and no weight gain... kinda wish he was getting the nausea like i was so he would understand....

    Hope to see you in our thread it would be great to see you in there again

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    Thanks ladies, you've given me a bit of a giggle to know that DH is not the only one suffering - so maybe there is something in this pheromone/sympathy thing. He is exercising his butt off but to no avail - I keep telling him not to worry about his weight until after the baby arrives because it will be easier to lose postpartum.

    Hi Jess - I'll pop in sometime.

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