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Thread: Taking senna= Premature labour???

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    Exclamation Taking senna= Premature labour???

    I hope some one can help me out.

    Since the birth of DD ive had a fissure and my pharmacist said to take coloxyl with senna to help in making soft stool (sorry TMI). I asked again when i fell pg is it still safe to take and he said it sure is.

    BUT yesterday i was reading an article on constipation and it said taking senna can cause induction to premature labour????

    Please can some one tell me who is right and if i can actully take it without it causing problems!!!!

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    i am not any authority and i don't know for certain, but i didn't think you could take it. maybe wait and ask you gp/ob?

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    Coloxyl helps to soften faeces and senna stimulates the contractions of your intestine. Coloxyl & senna is a category A drug and is safe to take at any time during pregnancy.
    LOL didnt think to look on BB site. Im still not convinced and am still worried, but will ask GP next week when i see him, or the midwife tmrw at the hospital.

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    It is fine. Just ont go silly with it. If you get diarrhoea then you are taking too many and even this will not cause prem labour. You would need to have violent diarrhoea for a few days to canuse problems

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    When i had bad gastro at 38 weeks i started having contractions for a few hours, but they stopped

    Personally Kim, i would be more concerned with getting the anal fissure cleared up at this stage.. i would also take them and just not go overboard... I might join you again... i think my fissure is coming back.. I'm praying for haemarroids (my mum is a colorectal nurse, and told me nobody prays for those.. i said ppl with past fissures do)!

    GOod luck.

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    Thanks Alan i was hoping you would find this post!!

    Ouch Yael with it coming back... i have good weeks and then a few bad days! So i just keep on the tablets and it helps!

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    I take a laxette (senna) tablet everynight before bed. It works and helps out heaps. I find that if I take 2 though, i get cramps and diarrhea, so its all about finding the balance. I am pretty sure that it is the bowel motions/contracting your bowels etc to go to the toilet are the cause of the early labour contractions if it did happen just like it would happen if you took castor oil (which does the same thing except more severely) long as you don't have diarreah I think you are fine I am!

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