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    Hi Lovelies,

    Hoping someone can help. I've got teeth issues right now (pretty sure it's a pesky wisdom tooth comming through - great timing) and am wondering if anyone knows if teething gel is safe to use furing pregnancy? The lady told me "Of course it is - you can use it on babies can't you?" PFT! So I'm too tired to drag myself to a diff chemist and am hoping someone on here knows.

    Thanks heaps.


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    I'm not sure! Maybe call your hospital & ask the midwives. And as for what the lady at the chemist said, you aren't llowed to use it on newborns - 4 months + I think it is...

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    Not sure if this would help but I know a whole clove is useful for toothache so maybe it would help you too? You just chew down on it for a while and it has an anaesthetising effect.

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    Thanks lovelies. I have contacted the midwives and am waiting for a reply. Hubby suggested I call the customer care number on the pack but would they really tell me if it wasn't safe? I'm so cynical!
    Thanks for the clove idea Melbo - I've used that before but it makes me want to gag at the moment because of the position of the tooth. It seems to be dying down so hopefully I won't need to worry for much longer! DH told me to "suck it up because labour is going to be so much worse!" Gotta love him!

    I will let you know what the mid says anyway...


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    Hi, I had a really bad toothache while I was pregnant. My chemist told me to stay cleer of the teething gels and gave me Nyall Tooth Ache Drops instead which she said are perfectly safe to use while pregnant. From memory they were around $10 to buy. I also found that Panadol helped me at night but the Nyal was great for numbing the whole area. Good luck, I can really sympathise with how painful a toothache can be.

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    Thanks Fruitwood! DH has the car so I will get him to pick some up on his way home this afternoon!

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