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Thread: Telling Parents and Inlaws

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    Question Telling Parents and Inlaws

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm at a little bit of a loss and could do with some guidance. Got a BFP this morning and am waiting for the BT results but am not sure how or when to tell my Dad or my in laws.
    Both sets of parents are interstate and don't come to Vic much. Dad often feels guilty he hasn't met my brother's kids yet (4, 3, and 1 all in NSW) so I don't know how to tell him - I'm afraid he will feel guilty for not being here for me. Also, I want to choose who knows (for the first 3 months), not my Step Mother who will blab to EVERYONE who will listen. Any suggestions on how to deal with her (we don't get along at all).
    And how do I tell my in laws (also interstate) - neither DH or I are close to his mother, just his father.
    So, how did you tell your family?



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    spreckemily Guest


    Hey Mother Goose!!!! How are the Firies up your way. The Tassie firies are freezing down here!!

    In answer to your question If you only want certain people to find out I would be rather selective in whom you tell as I came up against some gossip mongers down here who twisted things and told people I wanted to tell before I could!!

    When I told my mum about our first pregnancy I went to her work and gave a friend of hers a card that said grandmother on it. i swear the whole office building could hear her scream "I'm going to be a nanny!!!!!!!"

    I would avoid tellingthe stepmother, but apart from that I'm afraid I don't have any pearls of wisdom!!

    Crossing fingers for you and goodluck with the test results.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I told my mum in person and Ben told his over the phone (the live in Sydney) We were terrified at telling them because we thought that they weren't going to be happy about it but they were all over the moon.

    Not too sure how to tackle your step mum, that's a toughie.

    Do you want a cute way to tell them or do you just want to do it outright?

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    My only word of advice on this subject after having done it every way possible (I've had a couple of miscarriages as well as the two that have stuck )

    If you don't want everyone to know, DON'T tell ANYONE.
    You can either tell them all, or tell none. Don't expect people to keep a secret for you for three long months, they just won't be able to do it.

    Congratulations too!!

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    Thanks guys. I think I just want to tell them - but without making anyone feel guilty or anything else that isn't positive. Have to admit, I've told Grandma and she nearly choked! I don't think she was expecting it! LOL! But she won't tell anyone, she'll probably forget by tomorrow anyway! LOL!

    Hi Spreck! How are hon? We're freezing here too! But we have been very very very busy lately. And sadly not all small stuff either. How about you?


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    Yeah, reckon I agree with Flea, tell people when you're ready for everyone to know!

    DH & I are different, we're quite close to our parents (we're both still quite young, and mine are 2 suburbs away, his, 1.5hrs away) So we showed them our ultrasound!

    Did you want to speak with them in person, and hear their reaction? Otherwise you could send a card, that could be nice.

    Good luck, whenever and however you want to tell them!

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    spreckemily Guest


    Mother Goose.....Well all has been quiet except for this morning we had a call out for a vehicle fire (parked) that just burst into flames mysteriously this morning arund 0300. Big problem was that it belonged to our Second Officer!!!!! Who is also under investigation for getting a bit too close to a female firie in our brigade!! (need I say more). I think it was a coincidence, but it was one VERY BIG coincidence!!

    We don't get many call outs in our area this time of year. Maybe the odd chimney fire.

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