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Thread: TENS machine question

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    Question TENS machine question

    Ok guys, I have seen them, and can see they arent very expensive, but I would love to know what it actually does and who has used one.

    Does it hurt? Is it worth it? And I need one?


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    Danni I've used TENS for all 3 births.
    It doesn't hurt if you're having pains if you can understand that. If you put on too strong or in an area that isn't painful it feel like bad pins and needles
    It works by sending electrical impulses into the area that is hurty to try and trick the nerves and block pain messages. In labour you stick it to your back and push the button when you feel the contraction coming on.
    For mild labour it really works well but when it cranks up it really doesn't help the pain, rather than create a distraction on someting to focus on.
    The downside is you can't wear it in the bath or shower.

    The one I had for Gussies birth had a dodgy hand controller so it wouldn't work sometimes when it was needed. The contractions when it didn't work were way sharper then when it did work so it really does help to take the edge off and get you through if you want to go the drug free way.

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