thread: thought i had an eptopic......

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    alex c Guest

    thought i had an eptopic......

    hello girls well i had a day off yesterday and was getting cramps as though my periods were coming and then i would get stabbing pains...i went 2 my doc she ordered an ultra sound internal and external waiting 4 the results was a nightmare...finally went back 2 the doc and all is well she had 2 be safe then sorry i suppose but just seeing my little baby inside of me was so about 5 still scared that nothing happen as im so early. 8-[

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    mooshie Guest

    oh alex

    it can be scary can't it. when i was around 6wks prg with my ds i remember waking during the night with terrible cramping on one side - i either thought etopic or appendix, went to my gp next day and they also sent me off for an internal and external u/sound. turns out i had strained a muscle and was also constipated. good to see your doc taking all precautions.

    good luck