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    I'm just wondering if this is anything I should be worried about. Each time after intercourse a while later I get a big thick blob of off white CM come out (tmi i know sorry) and get some gentle cramping. I'm scared this is that mucus plug thing coming away and may be hightening a risk of miscarriage? I havent asked my dr about it yet, just wondering if its normal or a serious thing? Any reassurances or "yes something is very wrong" is appreciated.

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    Celtic Moon - could this just be semen?

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    No definately wasnt

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    I get a tiny bit of cramping/tightening/soreness about an hour later....
    no idea about the CM, i doubt it would be mucus plug but if you are worried maybe ask a dr or midwife? i reckon they have heard EVERY q out there!!

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    Do you orgasm during sex? I know I know very personal question here but it might just be orgasm juice. Some women can ejaculate a bit themselves when orgasming. During pregnancy, all our fluids are increased. Snot, CM, tears... lol. So it could just be that you are getting lubed up more and this is what it is. I would still ask your dr if you are unsure, maybe even just phone the office and be Ms Anonymous.

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    No i dont its not the most pleasant of experiences for me but still do it anyway lol. I was just worried if it was bumping the cervix which i dont think it is because thats meant to hurt a lot? Then it might be pulling away stuff thats meant to stay there? I just hear of peoples mucus plugs comin out in labor and was just wondering if it was possible for sex to pull it away or something and whether that was a bad thing or not. I can put up with it if its not harmful have had increased CM with pregnancy anyway was just concerned it may be something bad

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    Just reiterate I know bugger all about it which is why im asking lmao that just what i was worried it could be with my very limited knowledge about it all

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