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Thread: TMI!!!! discharge question

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    Red face TMI!!!! discharge question

    ok so i have recently started having to wear panty liners due to too much discharge but i have noticed that occasionally it is really light brown in colour... its usually just clear but there is a few small very light brown spots on the panty liner too should i be worried???

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    hmmm noni i dont know about that - mine has been clear the whole time... maybe Alan willbe able to give you some advice. You know me though, i would be asking the Dr or calling a midwife just to be safe, it saves the worrying...
    Hope you are feeling good aside from that.

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    its only like a the tiniest bits and really light brown most is clear.. sometimes i feel a bit funny ringing them up to ask about stuff like that i havn't even talked to dp about it coz i am embarassed

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    i am sure they have heard a lot worse...

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    probably if it keeps goin or gets heavy i'll have to bite the bullet

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    I'm sure i had this once or twice, my GP told me to call back if it got heavier, darker or redder but it just stopped so i didn't. BUT i'd recently been swabbed for infections and they knew i was clear of BV etc. so if you haven't you might want to see your doc just to make sure it's nothing.

    I know of a woman who has bright GREEN discharge when PG. Her first pregnancy she was going nuts back and forth to the docs for months while they tested for every thing they could think of. THe day after delivery it was gone and 2 years later it was that which let her know #2 was on the way... Our bodies do such weird things sometimes....

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    Hi Nonie
    If it has only happened occasionally and it is very very light and you have no cramping I would say just mention it at your next visit.
    It sounds like it is a bit of old blood. Many things can cayse bleeding. Sex, pap smear, heavy exercise, lots of walking. (shopping)

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    its been happening for the last few days now... i rang the midwives and they said if its not dark red and more then a teaspoon don't worry its probably a burst something lol my mind is wanting to type artery but i know thats not right haha... capillary maybe and that happens in ur nose too sometimes... idk though i can't stop worrying about it!!!

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    well if the midwives said not to worry i wouldnt worry - at least you have calledand you know they are aware of it and advised not to panic about it....
    good on you for calling them!

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    haha well actually i was upset and dp forced it out of me and he called haha oh well i told someone atleast

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    And I bet you feel so much better now after telling him!! My DH has to force things out of me sometimes too.

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    yeah haha i was so childish he was like just tell me and i was like but i dnt want to haha its embarassing.. and he said if its something that makes u worry about the baby u can't just keep it to urself and i quietly told him without looking at him haha how will i deal with him watching me poo in labour??

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    I think we all have those times we dont want to tell or say something out loud bc we are nervous... but I am sure you feel a lot better now!!! You cracked me up with the labour comment - pregnancy sure aint glamorous is it??!!!

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