thread: Travelling long distance

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    Country NSW

    Travelling long distance

    I will be travelling to Brisbane this weekend for a long weekend, that is a 10-11 hour drive each way. Just wondering if anyone can say what they did or wish they had done during a long trip while pregnant to make their trip a little easier...

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    Jan 2005
    North Queensland

    I went to NZ at 19 weeks and my ob said, when travelling, wear comfy clothes and try to remember to move your legs around a bit. Do lots of heel lifts and try to stretch your legs out if you're sitting for a few hours at a time. This stops blood clots forming in your legs (from lack of movement).

    Have a great long weekend!

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    Melody Guest

    All I can say Candice is pillows, pillows & more pillows!

    I did a weekend drive trip about 4 weeks ago (& have been carrying quite heavily for some time now) & I had loads of pillows but also 'tilted' my chair back to take the weight of my lungs.... once i was reclined everything felt a lot better.

    Good luck & enjoy your trip

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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    We drove from Adelaide to Melbourne (about 9 hours) 2 weeks ago when I was 25 weeks. I wore loose fitting really low cut tracky daks which were great, but found the seat belt was quite uncomfortable across my belly so ended up holding it a couple of centimetres away from belly for most of the trip.

    I had lots of water and packets of nibblies with me, and made an extra loo stop than we usually do. My hands and feet swelled up heaps on the return trip, but were back to normal the next morning.

    Good luck!

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    Jan 2005
    Country NSW

    THANKS thats all realyy helpful, I do get the sweeling in the feet a bit lately but did not thing that travelling would make that worse.

    I am planning on taking lots of pillows as we are going in DP's car which is a BA falcon and the seats in that aren't great.. I am used to the nice wrap around recaro style seats in my car which my back in comparison the standard falcon seats are not that comfy for me...

    All the advise is really good, you tend to just forget the basics sometimes.

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    Colleen Guest

    Candice ...

    I travelled throughout my pregnancy ( 4 months of it ) by car all throughout Sa Vic and Nt and I found that putting the seat right back and like the other girls said, lots of pillows.. did the trick. At every chance, we would stop for a few minutes and I would walk the whole time...

    Have Fun on your road trip!