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Thread: Travelling to South Africa while pregnant

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    Default Travelling to South Africa while pregnant

    Hi All!

    I'm planning on going on holiday to South Africa when 6 months PG. some of my family are questioning the sense in this and i just wanted to know if anyone had any informed opinions on it. I spoke to my OB briefly about it at my last visit and he didn't seem too phased - just told me to wear long pants and shirts (malaria being the only real worry).

    as he pointed out, lots of south africans (living in aust) go home to visit family while PG..

    we'll only be there for 5 nights, and staying in a luxury game park.

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    Wow sounds like a lovely holiday...

    I too am interested in knowing this as We were needed to travel to India to see hubbys family but as I always get sick when there I am putting my foot down and saying no.

    but I would really really enjoy a holiday to fiji or something staying at a resort etc..

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