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Thread: Tummy muscle separation and lifting a toddler....

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    Question Tummy muscle separation and lifting a toddler....

    I have pain in the top of my tummy where it feels like I have done a million sit ups, but it must be from muscle separation that I had with Iz that never got better and now with being pg again and lifting her it is getting worse. I really don't want to make it alot worse so am wondering if there is anything I can do to avoid more damage throughout this pregnancy. I have heard of people who have had to have surgery which I really don't want.

    I am already trying to roll to my side and get up sideways rather than using my tummy to get up out of bed, hard habit to remember though, especially as I don't have a big tummy yet, but I'm not sure how I can get out of it with picking up my girl, especially as I do get bigger and she will still need cuddles and picking up?

    Any ideas/suggestions!??????

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    Not sure if it will help but if you give your pelvic floor a big squeeze when you go to do things you will be using a different muscle group. Also try to lift with your knees. Breathe out, squeeze and lift.


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    Agree with Raven. Go down on your one knee (one foot about one stride infront of the other), and lift by using your legs. If you make sure your front knee does not go over the tip of your toes, your knees will not get hurt.

    Also, I don't know how strong your back is, but you can also try putting more "strain" on your back (upper and lower) muscles. Probably not great idea for later in pg. Also when picking her up, consentrate using your arms and biceps, rather than your abs.

    Why not have cuddle time on the sofa? Instead of having to pick her up, ask her to climb on the sofa (something that would be fun for her ) and just let her cuddle you. Later on , you can explain to her that your tummy is to heavy to allow you to pick her up and that she can have special bedtime stories ect if she will be a good girl and walk on her own, kwim???

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    A friend's SIL ended up with this really badly to the point she was confined to bed for a few weeks and strictly forbidden from lifting her son (hers was fixed surgically when she gave birth). She had some sort of a tummy brace that she wore almost constantly during her pregnancy - might be worth asking your hospital about them.

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