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    Hi ladies,

    Over the last few days I've felt twinges in the tummy, it doesn't happen in one particular place. Sometimes to the sides down low, or near the belly button or even higher up still. I've been quite sressed about it. I'm not sure if it could be due to constipation or gassiness, or fromn tighter clothes. I have since puchased some maternity pants as my pants no longer fit. I didn't think I'd have to wear them so soon, I'm 9 weeks. But I think it is more because of the bloating then any growth. I'm just wondering if you have had stomach twinges or uncomfortableness (somtimes like a quite lightening bolt feeling?) and gone on to have healthy and happy bubbies. Thanks so much

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    It's probably just your uterus stretching and growing or from your stomach & other bits moving up to make room for your growing uterus... or from the things you mentioned My jeans no longer fit at 8w BTW!

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    I experienced twinges but they were usually lower near my cervix. I thought it was weird but it didn't seem to be anything bad. I haven't felt them for a while but I do know that's bubs favourite spot down there so it could have been his doing back then or due to all the stretching and relaxing of ligaments and such. So far I've had a healthy pregnancy.

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