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Thread: twinges when at gym

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    Default twinges when at gym

    Hi there,

    I'm 12 weeks and I've started back at aerobics after having the first tri off. Prior to this I was a regular at aerobics over the last few years.

    I did Step this morning and modified it heavily to reduce the jumping and heart rate. I was having some lower ab twinges just above the pubic bone.

    Does anyone else who is doing excercise get twinges and is it normal? I had no pain when I finished the class it was just during the class.


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    Lisa, it might be worth chatting with an instructor or physio. You need to keep in mind that you will have increased amounts of the hormone relaxin circulating your body which can change how your body responds in every day activities, let alone exercise! I'd suggest having a chat to the instructor and a personal trainer to triple check your technique is correct. If it continues, see a physio to make sure everything is ok.


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