thread: Two Faint Postive Tests

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    Sar79 Guest

    Two Faint Postive Tests

    Hi Everyone,

    Im not to sure if i could post this here im only fairly new to forums...

    I was just wanting to know what other people would do in this situation....
    On Monday 13th i did a pregnancy test and i got a faint (but not to faint) positive then i did another test on yesterday Tuesday 14th and it came up a faint positive (but not to faint) and today im due to get my monthly friends and as yet nothing not even the normal pains i suffer with.....
    I want to go to the doctors to get a blood test done but im not to sure on when to go....
    Im not to sure on how long you should wait as this is mine and my husbands first..

    Any replys would be great and appreciated....

    Kind Regards


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    Feb 2005

    I would wait a couple of days and do another HPT, but a line is a line \/

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    Hi Sarah.

    I would wait a few more days before seeing your GP but it sounds like you may indeed be pregnant, so congratulations.


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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Sarah

    COngratulations!!!!!!!!!!!Like the other girls said a second line is a line!My first pregnancy test I did was soooo faint you nearly couldn't see it!I made a doctors appointment for the following week for everything to get checked out.


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    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    Congratulations..sounds like a positive to me! Id wait a couple of days to go to the GP just to make sure.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    Yes, a line is a line. I did two preg tests then went to dr......i was only 2 weeks preg when i got blood test back. So i guess they can detect it pretty early.

    Congrats to you on the BFP !!!

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    Sar79 Guest


    Thank You Girls

    For the info....

    Kind Regards


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    Sar79 Guest

    Hi Everyone

    I've decided to just go to the doctors either tonight or tomorrow morning to find out by getting a blood test done... I don't mind if it comes back negative but if it comes back postive it will be the best day of my life i think.....

    Fingures crossed.... Im so excited

    Kind Regards

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    Apr 2003
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    Sounds positive to me!


    Maybe wait a few days and see the doctor - that way your levels will be even higher!!

    Best wishes

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Congratulations from me as I'm sure the test will mean you're definitely pregnant. How exciting!

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    Sar79 Guest

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Girls,

    Thank soooo much for all the postings yesterday....

    Just a quick update IM PREGNANT...... My husband and i went to the medical centre last night (i couldn't get into my normal doctor) and they told me that i would of been pregnant but i wanted to get another test done infront of a doctor.... i didn't need to get a blood test done as it came up postive very quickly.....

    Im so excited as this is my first....

    Girls could you please help me with when would i be due or how far pregnant am i as the doctor didn't explain it to me???? My Last Period Was On 11th May...

    Kind Regards
    One Very Excited Sarah

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    May 2004

    Hey there Sarah - congrats, absolutely fantastic news!!!

    You will be due 15th Feb 2006 - a valentines baby
    But, this is assuming you have a 28 or so day cycle. If you have a longer cycle, you would have ovulated later, and you might be due a bit later.... do you know when you ovulated?

    Ok, now come and join us in the Feb babies group!!!

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    Apr 2003
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    Yay! to one very excited Sarah!!


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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    hi sarah,

    when i did my test, it said if you can see the line when you hold it at arms length, then it is pos. so i held it at arms length and could see the line - but i wasnt convinced. so i put it on the floor and stood up - and i could still see it!! (it still took me about 3 hours to actually realise that i was pregnant!!)


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Mar 2005

    AF was 2wks late so DH made me buy a 2 pack home tester (i was sure my period was just late) and with the brand we got, + means positive and -- means negative... good old me got a | ... what's that supposed to mean?! hehe.. so we tried again the next morning only to get the exact same result. so we went to the doc's who did the same thing and the result was a very strong + and the blood test reconfirmed it. those at-home testers can be funny sometimes!