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Thread: Ultrasounds

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    Yep, with my 2nd the only way I would be given a referal for a 12 weeks scan was by requesting it be for a Downs scan. Even then it was a big mess around to get it. But this time I just asked the midwife & she said "yep here you go!"

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    I am left handed (so is my sister and my Mum) and none of us were exposed to U/S due to the years we were born!!

    For my next pregnancy (hopefully some time this decade) I will have an U/S at 6-7 weeks to check for viability, 12 week nuchal translucency and 18-20 week anomaly scan. I then have to have a placental doppler study at around 22 weeks and probably U/S fortnightly after that to monitor fetal growth due to Caitlyn being stillborn. I am unusual and considered high risk. Most *normal* people only have one or two over the course of their pregnancy.

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    Im still having u/s

    One at 12 weeks,then at 20 weeks again at 31 weeks...another at 33 weeks and I will have another at 37 weeks...all because I have polyhydramnios (Excess Amnotic Fluid)

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    I had a u/s done at 12 weeks, another at 16 weeks, another at 19 weeks, another at 21 weeks and one at 38 weeks!!!! I was in a high risk catorgory though!
    But consider yourself lucky as i would much rather have had less prodding and poking.

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    I had one at 12 wks, 19 wks, 32 wks and then at 37 wks, due to placenta praevia.

    Also I had a 4D one at all of them from 19 wks as the SAH has the facility there, it was just a quick flick of the switch when they were looking at her face. No extra charge at all. I think if you go to a place specifically to have a 4D scan it costs extra, but if you're having your routine scan somewhere that can do 4D it's just included.

    I would have preferred not to have had to have the last two u/s because then I wouldn't have had placenta praevia, wouldn't have needed a c/s and *ugh* wouldn't have had to have internal u/s done! I hated those!! Although it was good to see bub and it was cool to find out she had hair. She has a great video for when she's older too.

    I believe the risks from u/s are so low they aren't worth worrying about. Probably more of a risk having a cup of tea every day! The heat from the ultrasound waves is so low it doesn't seem to have any effect on baby.

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    As I'll be going for my fourth scan in a couple of weeks, I checked with the sonographer. As she pointed out, a study of 40 people is far too small and all the best people are left-handed. She is, I am... I'll be more than happy if Liebling is. Everything is developing perfectly and is just as it should be (no damage done!).

    I'll be having 9w, 13w, 19w, 21w and maybe 34-35w (depending on how the placenta is lying in the next scan). Most people here just get 12w and 21w scans.

    There's been an endocrine study recently that shows low birth weight babies can have similar problems - diabetes, brain troubles... - anyway, low birth weight can be caused in part by extreme stress, which can be caused by a high risk pregnancy which would mean more ultrasounds: maybe it's not the ultrasounds that cause it, just the "high risk" factor instead?

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    I have my first appointment with an OB tomorow and I'm at about 8 weeks so I wonder what they'll do there. I would like to have something more concrete than 2 lines on a pee-stick to show me I'm pregnant at this point, so I wouldn't turn down an US! I have a pituitary adenoma which puts me into a higher risk catagory according to my endochrinologist...but then again he said we woudn't be able to get pregnant without medical help...and we conceived on the first cycle we tried!

    I want to have the NT test as well. Thomas and I have discussed what we'd do at the outcome and would rather know what's going on at the first chance.

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