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    well this is my update...i ahd a scan this morning because of increased fluid to keep an eye on it.

    2 weeks ago it measured 11cm deep and today it measured 10,so its gone down abit which is good.

    Fundal height 2 weeks ago at 31 weeks pregnant was 27.Today at 33 weeks it measured 37 ,..what an increase in the space of 2 weeks

    My baby weighs roughly 2.2kilos which in lbs is around 5.Going to be a big baby i think.

    Ok the main thing is ,I had a terrible scare in my scan today and heard the words no mother wants to hear. "Im just going out of the room to get my colluage for a second opinion"

    I asked what was wrong as i noticed she was paying perticular attention to the face,first thing that came in my mind was cleft lip.She explained she has an alarm bell ringing because she couldnt see around the face too well because of my excess fluid she wanted a second opinion as she may be wrong and didnt want to worry me too much. Too late for that and so i wanted answers before she got her co worker.She said that the chin seems to be small and set back from the rest of the face,and if her co worker agrees it looks wrong then i would be refered to a specalist to have a look at it.So the other woman came in too look and wasnt sure herself and said hmmm it does seem fine,but hard to see,but they think it may be down to the fact my baby has a prominent top lip.Just means its sligthly bigger which makes the chin look like its going inwards more under the bottom lip. I explained that my husband has thick lips and i have a small pointy chin.My daughter is the same and looking at my last scan of this pregnancy to the one that was taken of my Daughter at around the same weeks gestation they look identical.They looked at the baby sideways and straight on and to be honest it all looked fine to me,even looking upwards from under the chin.They then said seems ok,but i will show your doctor this picture a minute.He took a look and said everthing looked fine and he was happy with it.But even tho now they say all seems fine im still worried.But i suppose if they had a real inkling something was wrong i would have been refered for it to be looked at again.

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    Skorpy, you didnt need this kind of worry. I am sure that everything is fine though. Bub will come out as cute as a button and perfectly fine. All the best.


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    What a scare for you Skorpy, don't you hate it when you hear those words!

    About the fundal height, really, it's very inaccurate of basing gestation from it - the fundal height depends on many things, for example baby's position, baby's length, the amount of fluid you have etc... so it's not the most accurate indicator of anything. Remember that your body may give signals the the pregnancy is more advanced or baby may be bigger but that doesn't mean developmentally that he's more mature... trust that your body and your baby know what they are doing.
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    Yea, i was told by Doctor after he told me the measurements that i need to take into account that i am carrying excess fluid.

    I just worried because i was 27cm 2 weeks ago and the scan showed the fluid had gone down abit but the measurements went up by 10 in just 2 weeks to 37cm.Just call me miss worrypants.

    As for the scan,me and my Hubby looked up photos of my Daughter when she was just born and she looks exactly the same with prominent top lip and her bottom lip gos in abit with a lil pointy chin lol. It made me feel so much better.Obviously it isnt a bad look or doesnt look like naything is wrong with her.But it shows that this bub im carrying obviously is going to look like his sister.But Im going back the the clinic Tuesday because i was worried and they asked me back in if i want to put my mind at rest,but assured me all was ok.I will show the Doc and the lady who took the scan and scared me in the first place the piccy of my Daughter,then they can see its hereditary and because of the shadowing in the scan,it looked worse then what it is.Well they did say they couldnt see too well because of the excess fluid anyway
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    Ruddy scary sonographers (we have one like that at our work, not in maternity though)! I'm glad you could put them right, skorpy, and know that there's nothing to worry about.

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    I'm glad you were able to be reassured Skorpy

    I'm glad they told you what was going on though, and were honest and realistic. It would have been awful if they had refused to give you any info at all until they had sorted it out. At least they said that they weren't sure and just needed to double check, etc.

    That's awesome that you have some indication of what your baby is going to look like! All the best.

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    Skorpy, you really don't need that scare right now!!

    Glad that there is nothing to worry about!!

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    Thanks guys.
    Im off back to maternity this afternoon to speak with my Doctor there who is looking after me through my pregnancy.Im not happy atall that i got a scare like that,i only had a scan 2 weeks before with piccys taken and im sure if it was that bad,she would have noticed then.And the funny thing is,she was the one who was asked to come in for the second opinion,so i told her she looked at my scan 2 weeks ago.Im taking in photos of my girl when she was 2 hours old and show him that its hereditary,or i hope it is...They have worried me so much that there is still abit of worry there,but im sure all is fine.
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    Well,I went back and spoke to The Doctor and he said when he looked at the scan photo,he thought it was fine and that the chin looked normal.He thinks that what it was,was the scanner in some frames looking at the baby,it looked like the chin was smaller then it should be and that it wasnt as promenant as it should have looked.

    I remember the scanner saying she couldnt see too well because of the excess fluid.Maybe she should have been more 100% sure of a problem before worrying me sick over it.The chin did look fine to me in side profile if I am too be honest at the time and look promenant enough.But when a scanner says such things,you can only think the worst.

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    That's great that your baby looks "normal" Skorpy, I suppose you could count it a plus that if there were any possible problems then you'd know... although it's not nice you had the worry for no reason!

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