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    I think that i have thrush!I haven't had it before. What do i do? Does it need to be treated straight away? I have some cream here can i just use that or should i go to the doctor? It is called Canesten.

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    hi ,
    i think it would be wise to be seen by a doctor i've never had it before but i remember my doctor saying when i was pg that if i suspected i had a infection of any sort to come in to be checked and not to self diagnose (sp) hope you get it sorted out soon so your feeling 100 %

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    I am pretty sure that Canesten is ok during pg... But you can just go see your pharmisist and they can give you a pessary, much more effective than just using the cream.

    I wouldn't use the Canesten you have there, you should only use it if it is sealed... if someone else used it then you could make the bacteria worse. Also make sure it is for thrush and not the canesten that is for Tinea...

    Hope this helps...

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    Would it have shown up in my urine test yesterday?

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    It wouldnt show up in a urine test. But speak to your pharmacist - even just call one and ask their advice - usually they will have no problems with telling you.

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    You can safely take some In-Liven (see my sig) or the new liquid fast-tract, which is a super probiotic and is organic. It's grown naturally and not fast-tracked in faecal matter like some are. Pro-biotics are the good bacteria you need in your body - when it goes out of balance and the bad bacteria take over, thats when you can have problems like thrush. I'd strongly recommend the fast-tract though, it populates the gut super quick with some heavy duty pro-biotics and I think is the best available on the market. Ones you get from the pharmacist are not that strong or contain only a couple of strands of lactobacillus - the two products I mention have 13.
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    Thrush is very common at anytime,not just pregnancy....cotton underwear and tight trousers etc irritates it more and spreads it.I get it alot,specially in pregnancy and mel is right canesten is safe to take and thats what i use.

    Im just one of them unlucky people that gets it.

    Burning feeling

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    I unfortunately had a little thrush in my preg and used canestan . My advice would be to speak to ur dr. Hope it goes soon

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