thread: US vs Australian drug classification

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    US vs Australian drug classification

    OK - who is more up-to-date and rigorous with their drug testing, the US or here in oz? For example, here we say codeine is cat A or B but no ibuprofen. In the US, the have codeine as Cat C, but ibuprofen as cat A in 2nd tri and cat C in 3rd tri! Also, polaramine is Cat A here but cat C in the US. I have had one pharmasist say it's fine and another told me to avoid it altogether.

    How are we supposed to know?? I try to avoid taking anything, but have been getting REALLY bad headaches and hayfever and keep getting told conflicting info from pharmasists, a nurse friend, doctors and the national health web sites.

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    I had hideous hayfever with my first pregnancy & only used saline spray. It was awful & I had that lingering headache for ages.

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    Australia does thier own independant testing. They will use the US data, then also do a further 5 years of testing before it is released here.

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    Polaromine is considered safe during pregnancy. I was told that its the non drowsy antihistamines you have to worry about. I would stick with the Australian listing of what is ok and what is not, but thats just me I guess.

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