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Thread: UTI or irritable bladder

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    Hey there,

    I've had a funny feeling in my bladder this last couple of days, when I stand up I get a sharp, stinging pain down there and it feels almost itchy inside. I've been assuming it's something to do with the pressure of bub as my pubic bone is hurting as well.

    Last night it hurt bad and set off quite a few contractions which kept waking me up, but I couldn't wake up properly to get what was going on properly. I kept groaning in my sleep alot and thrashing around DP tells me.


    When I went to the loo this morning, it really hurt to go. But not burning like acid like an UTI usually feels, but like this irritable pain, kinda itchy and kind of like muscle spasms.
    I feel well otherwise, no temp, a bit nauseous but that's it.

    If it was any other day I would go and get it checked and get a urine test. But being good Friday, nothing is open locally and it would mean a trip to the city hospital that is a long way away (an hour on a good day, be much longer today with the traffic) and I'm not keen on taking the kids with us through all this traffic either. There are hoardes of people entering our area from there as we live at the coast, so the traffic is bad and downright dangerous on days like today. I'd rather not, especially as it's not the typical UTI symptoms.

    I guess what I'm asking is does anyoe else experience this in late pregnancy? I'm thinking it could just be a late pregnancy symptom rather than anything to worry about. The BH contrax seem okay this morning after I went to the loo, theyve settled down.

    It's been too long since i had my last bub, I don't remember these kind of things


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    Hi Tara
    It does sound like a UTI to me.
    Try this. Dring at least 3 litres of water a day. More if you can.
    Get yourself some cranberry tabs and take them as it says on the bottle. You could also use cranberry juice but the tabs are stronger. Do this for 2 days. If no improvement after 2 days or if thing start to get worse before 2 days go and get checked out

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