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Thread: Vaccination and Pregnancy - Can I do both?

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    Default Vaccination and Pregnancy - Can I do both?

    I recently had an operation on 30/1/08 to cure my endometriosis

    I was given medication called Clomid to increase my chances of getting pregnant. However, I am currently sick and the doctor has given me anti-biotics (Amoxil) to take.

    Can I take both Clomid and antibiotics at the same time during my period? Will this affect the effectiveness of the medication?

    I am also currently studying Aged Care (Nursing) at TAFE.

    The blood test I took last weekend shows I need to be innoculated with
    the following vaccines before I can take the practical section of the course at a Hospital/Nursing home:

    Diphteria, Tetanus, Pertussis acellular (dTpa) vaccine

    Hepetitis B vaccine (Serology) My results were 145.20 so the Dr said I can take this next year.

    Influenza vaccine

    As I want to get pregnant as soon as possible, can I be innoculated with all the above and still take the Clomid fertility medication at the same time?

    Also, will being innoculated for the above cause any problems with pregnancy? How long should I wait after being vaccinated before getting pregnant.

    If I take the vaccinations next week and find I am already pregnant, will it affect the baby?

    I hope you reply to me as soon as possible as I am about to have my period and I need to start taking Clomid when I start my period.

    I am worried that if I need to take the vaccinations above, it will conflict with the Clomid medication/antibiotics and affect my health/chances of pregnancy.


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    I'm not really sure about the others but taking your antibiotics with clomid is ok. I would call the prescribing Dr (of the clomid) and find out more information. IMO if you need to have these vaccines and they might affect you ttc i would just have them now and wait a few months before resuming ttc.

    Some vaccines require a minimum 3 month wait (like rubella) before you can get pregnant as it may have an effect on the develping baby.

    Good luck and i hope you can get the answers from your Dr soon

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    My doctor told me that no vaccinations should be administered while pregnant.

    I was up to my last Gardasil (sp?) injection for Cervical Cancer and she told me to wait until after I give birth to have the last one.

    I think that maybe it would be an idea to take a month or two off Clomid, have your injections then start again. But like Mrs B said - it is best to ask your doctor.

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    Vaccinations are generally considered to be a No No if PG. I think that is because there has not been enough research done on the effect of a growing embryo/fetus and ethically it would not be allowed to experiment on women.
    You need to make a decsion on the risks and benefits of getting the vacinations vs getting the disease, would it be worse if you got sick when PG?

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    I think this question needs to be directed to your Dr., not the internet as it is quite medically based and it's important to get the correct information, not just people's opinions. Can you not ring your clomid prescribing Dr. as MrsB26 suggested?

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    I agree this is definitely a question for your doctor, not internet responses. The consequences could be devastating with the wrong answer.

    Having said that, I went on a trip to Africa and had to have a whole host of injections (many of which you listed). I also discussed with my GP at that time my desire to TTC within the next few months and she told me very clearly that I had to wait at least 3 months AFTER the vaccinations before TTC.

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