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Thread: Vaginal Discharge in early pregnancy

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    Default Vaginal Discharge in early pregnancy

    Hi girls,
    I am new here, so I'd first introduce myself, I am 32, and I have a 3 year old son, and I am pregnant again, 10 weeks.

    My concern is, that I have a vaginal discharge, which is light brown (or mixed yellow/pink/brown sort of - don't even know how to describe the colour properly), it's kind of the same amount as I have been experiencing through the pregnancy, but only it became darker in a few days or so. When I saw it yesterday, I got really worried, and went to the hospital, they did some blood tests, and urine samples, etc, but it doesn't show that there is a sign of infection, however, I still feel very nausious and fatique, and urine showed that I am still pregnant, but at my doctors today they couldn't find baby's heart rate, so they organized an ultrasound for monday, I can't wait that long, I will be going crazy.
    If my symptoms sound like it may be missed abortion, could anyone tell me, if the discharge supposed to be very frequent in that case, or every 3-4 hours is still a sign of it anyway, because I don't notice it every minute, it only appears in so many hours.
    I don't feel any pain, or temperature, I just feel very tired and fatique last few days, and very nausious, can't eat anything at all, not even drink, I force myself to drink glass of water.

    Please help, moms, I won't sleep well.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi. I am not sure about the discharge, but I found this for you about the heartbeat:
    Whether you actually hear the heartbeat at 9 or 10 weeks depends partly on luck - the instrument must be placed at just the right angle. It also depends on the position of your uterus, and if you're slim or heavy. By the 12th week, the heartbeat can usually be heard consistently, using the Doppler instrument for amplification.
    I hope everything is o.k, and I am sure on Monday you will see your little bubba happy and healthy

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    oh I'm so sorry to hear about this scary time for you. I didn't have any discharge but even at almost 13 weeks they still were unable to get a heartrate on our bubs with the doppler. In fact, they have yet to find one on the doppler. I had an u/s and bubs was fine but I got a bit more worried as time was going by and still no HB. One thing as well is if your placenta is anterior it does take a lot longer to hear the HB on the doppler.

    I hope everything goes well for you! Let us know how things are going...

    In the meantime, have a read of the article on the main site in regards to bleeding during pregnancy and there is a thread [url=]here[/url] where a few have discussed bleeding during early pregnancy.

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    Lillianne Guest


    Thank you. I needed that little bit of reassurance.
    I am hoping for the good news too on Monday, but it seems like an era ahead
    I will definitely advise how it all went.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Emma~
    ((hugs)) i can understand what a scary time this is for you, and i hope your scan on monday shows a nice healthy pregnancy.....
    Thank you so much.

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    Hello everyone, just wanted to give you a little update.
    The good news is that the baby is there, the heart beat is normal
    The little uncomfortable news is the placenta is very low, covering cervix.
    And the radiologyst made a note as well, although the crown/rump length is technically still to small for assessment, the nuchal translucency is substantially thickened measuring 3.5mm.
    These are the news for now, next Tuesday I am going for nuchal translucency u/s.

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