thread: Very light brown (tanish) mucus like discharge during early

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    May 2005
    Brisbane, Queensland

    Very light brown (tanish) mucus like discharge during early

    I am 6 weeks pregnant and i went to the bathroom and i saw a brown mucus discharge.

    Can you tell me if this is normal or should i be worried.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I'd ring or make an appointment with your doctor if your worried.Have you had any cramps or pains with it?I was told that brown looking blood is your body getting rid of old blood.If it was bright red I'd be more worried.But I'd definitely ring your doc or even the hospital and ask for a midwife.

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    Melinda Guest

    I had this on 3 occasions when I was PG with Jacob. Once at 4w, 5.5w and again at 7w from memory. It was old blood and the OB thought it was "just the cervix" as there was absolutely nothing wrong.....and Jacob turned out just fine! It always pays to ask though...if for nothing else but to put your mind at ease.

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    Feb 2005
    Christchurch NZ

    there is the bleeding in pg thread that you should read and i would ring and speak to an OB or midwife - many people to experience bleeding in one form or another - it doesn't always mean something is wrong...

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    May 2004

    I would definitley go and see your OB/doctor. It is probably just nothing.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Take Care

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    Oct 2004
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    I too had exactly the same thing at about 9wks. TOTALLY freaked me out, although I was relieved that it was never the colour of fresh blood if you know what I mean.

    Turned out to be fine but worth mentioning to your GP. Mine ordered me to a week of bed rest with a med. certificate from work just to be sure; I also got to have a U/S I would otherwise had to wait another 5 or so weeks for.

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    Mar 2005


    Hon if you're worried tonight and can't wait to see your OBGYN, then ring the hospital and talk to a midwife, if there worried they ask you to come in, otherwise I think it's fine.xx

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    May 2005
    Brisbane, Queensland

    I went to the doctors and they sent me for an ultrasound. It was normal and i saw the baby's heartbeat. I have a 4cm cyst on my right ovary that might have been causing a bit of discomfort.

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    May 2003
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    Phew! That must be a huge relief Tara....glad to hear everything is OK, and it is a score to see the heartbeat!