thread: Viability of Shettles Method

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    Viability of Shettles Method

    Hey guys
    I was just interested in hearing from any of you that dont mind sharing whether this method is viable.

    I am due in approx 5 weeks and we did not find out the gender of our child (as we really dont mind either way and are looking forward to the suprise). When TTC we were BDing on every second day from straight after AF till quite late in cycle from dating scan it actually looks like i O early in the cycle (day 11).

    So from shettles method i would most probably be carrying a boy.....

    just a bit of fun but does this fit your child.

    for those who are unaware of shettles method, he prescribes that for a boy have sex as close to ovulation as possible but for a girl as the female sperm live longer bd a few days before O so that the boy sperm die off.

    Love to hear your stories.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Heather

    That method is definetely not the case for me.I conceived on the day I O'd and I am carrying a girl!I have read though about the statistics on it, but we weren't BD'ing around that time as we were waiting till the day I was O'ing.

    I guess it does just come down to each individuals little !!

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    Sep 2004
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    hehe thanks kirsty i like to think that there is no method to all this and that there is a little magic!!

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    Hi Heather.

    I've been researching the Shettles method and have come to the conclusion that it seems like a good idea but it is not a 100% thing.

    Going by what it says I know why I have two boys as we BD'd when I had EWCM. I didn't know about this method at all when they were conceived.
    We will try the method to conceive a girl when we get serious about our next baby but we are realistic enough to accept that it is not fail safe and if it is a boy then so be it!
    I have been charting my cycle since Dec and it is not really regular enough to be able to predict when I am Oing so we can stop BDing at the right time anyway.

    It will be interesting to see what you have. I didn't want to know the sex when I was PG with Mason but I still spent hours watching for a penis on the ultrasound video.LOL!

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    There is an article on the Shettles Method on the main site, you can find it here if you haven't already seen it!
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    Jan 2009

    it worked for us to get our daughter - we tried from day 8 to day 11 of my cycle (i'm pretty much spot on 28 days) and it worked first time!!! we are gonna start trying for a boy as soon as my cycle regulates itself again (stopped taking pill today), but to be sure we're gonna try at about day 16 onwards of my cycle. i know this will lower the chances of conceiving straight away, but we got a bit of time on our side.... ;o) will let u all knoe hopw we go.

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    We tried his method for a boy and got a beautiful little girl.

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    I also tried this method for a boy and the ultrasound showed us we will be having another beautiful girl.

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    Hi, I used this method to conceive a boy (at the time I had 2 girls) & I got my boy. But we were told to abstain from any sex (from day 1 of AF) until the very day of ovulation. We missed O the first cycle, but got it the second cycle, & lo & behold we got our boy! Didnt have any later scans, so couldnt tell by looking at that, so when a little boy was born, we were ecstatic to say the least.
    I am waiting 4 AF to reappear so I can start charting as I want to try 4 a boy next time (mind you if we have another girl, I wouldnt mind at all).